Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a Busy summer .......

What a busy summer and it really has not started yet. School around here is not out and the summer activities have already began. I would like to say sorry for not posting lately but like i said it has been wild. April 25, was our health fair, there i slipped and fell and busted my head open. I took a ride in the amublance, short 1 min. trip, to the hospital. I was working the health fair. I ended up with 4 stitches. My daughters B-day party was also that day. It was the first one that her friends that were invited came. She was so happy. Yesterday, she started T-ball. She went into the field not knowing anything and then she comes off the field with high confidence. I am so happy for her. I did not get pics but i plan to at their first game. She did hit the ball when it was pitched to her. That made her even more happy.

I promise that i will take the time to post from now on. I will put it on my schedule and get it done. thanks for being so understanding. Here are some pics that should make your day. He likes to be up and close to the camera.
My daughter and her two friends at her b-day party.
My son in the dryer.
here is the second veiw.
B-day party
He likes to stick things on his head.
If you can not tell, this is a trash can.
More b-day pics.


StampinCarol said...

Cute little guy!!

Bridgett said...

Wow! Sounds like a bad fall! Hope you are doing much better now. Great photos! What a little stinker getting in the dryer! WOW! The birthday photos are fun!

Lori said...

You are one busy gal!

Debra Hensley said...

Adorable pics!

KellyRae said...

How ironic about your fall...definitely tell the kiddos you're a good example of a 'bad' example (lol). Your son looks like a handful for sure. My 16mo grandson loves to climb into the pots & pans cupboards and into the dishwasher, so I can totally empathize with needing to keep a sharp lookout. The birthday photos are darling, thanks for sharing.are enj