Sunday, March 14, 2010

Here is the March blog hop that I said I would do. Luckly enough, I already had one done. So here it is.

I love this set so much. Here is the rest of the girls that took part in this wonderful project. Go and visit their sites as well. Thanks and have a good day.

Rita W




Angela K

Kim S

Rita K


Michelle M

Maria M


Betty G


Thursday, February 11, 2010

The "Thank You" Project

The "Thank You" Project

Here's the thing:

I work in Central Supply at Ellsworth County Medical Center, in Ellsworth, KS. Each year our hospital does an annual health fair. This year is a little different for two reasons. The first one is: Devin Henderson, a magician, from Shawnee, KS is coming to show off is magic. The second one: Our booth (Central Supply) is doing what I would like to call the "Thank You" project. At our booth we are having a flag that has all the branches of military for people to sign. We also want to also offer Thank you cards for those that want to send a little message.
There is only 3 of us in our department and making 20 to 250 cards is going to be hard for us to do by April 24. I would like to ask if there would be anyone who would like to donate some handmade cards for our soliders overseas. Handmade, yes, i feel is more important and special cause it comes from the heart. Details: A thank you card with the themes of American or solider. On the back of them, please put your info so anyone can get a hold of you for requests. Also send business cards and envy's for the cards. I will be advertising this in our local newspaper and a our booth with the names of those who donated their time and cards. You can contact me by email which is Please take the time to make some cards for this special event and to let our soliders that we appreciate what they do for our country and to also let them know we care for them.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Okay, here is the project that I have been working on. My cousin is having a baby and I was asked to do her invites. Yea!!!! So here is what it looks like. She is going to have a boy if you could not tell.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

OMG, I am bad

I am such a bad girl. I have promised the guidlines for the Angelhood blog and look at me. School and my kids have kept my so busy that I have got behind on all of this. I hope you girls will forgive me and I will (and mean will) keep up with all of this.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I finally figured it out. I got my signature on this page. I wanted to tell my angelhood group that if I don't post or visit their blog every two weeks, it cause of school. I have been very busy with that and I tend to forget. So I will say sorry now and will try to visit as often as I can. I do still want to be a part of this great group of ladies so don't kick me out. thanks for everything.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

blog hop

here is my blog hop.


Wow, busy, busy

I just realized that I have not posted anything for almost a month. I want to apoligize. I started classes July 6 and I am very afraid that I will not do to well in my english class. I am taking two classes and tonight, I had a big class. I had 20 projects and unfortutally, only 6 people came. I am a little disappointed but that is the way it goes. I guess I am not meant to have more than that at any of my parties. I will post pics of the party later. Sorry, I am so late on posting.