Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stress of Redoing things

We redid our craft room last weekend and I had to put my class projects on hold for a while and now I am doing the cutting at the last minute. YIKES!!!! Here are some pics of the new room. I started out with being able to have 4-5 people downstairs and now I can have 17 people. It is a mess because we are not done reorganizing so forgive me. My mom and husband would be mad if they new I am putting these pics on here so, here goes. Enjoy. Remember, it is a work in progress. We (mom and I) are usually not this messy. Forgive me, It also has a mess for getting ready for a party.


Lori said...

Please show us more pictures when you are finished. I keep trying to organize and reorganize and end up making a bigger mess!


Mybiz said...

uhh organizing!
hate it and love it once its all done ;)