Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good times at Parties

I didn't get any pics of my guest but I did get some pics of my set up and the host gifts. Everyone had fun with the three projects. I ended up changing the third card to a different one. I had two new guests that have never been to a party. I hope they enjoyed themselves. Here are the pics.

This one is the CD cube that I made for my host. She loved it alot.

Here is how I set up my formal dining room, or not so formal, lol. The "Notes" Notebook in the middle of the bottom pic is on of the giveaways. I also made some smaller ones also. I will take pics of them later. I will ,in a few days, add the turtorial of the card boxes that I found online. My printer did not print of the web address. I am looking for who did it so I can give them credit for the wonderful creation. I never thought I would be blogging. Leave me a comment if it is your creation. I will also post nugget purses, which I found on, I will post the person name when I post the turtorial.

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Melissa said...

I want to come over and play! I love it.